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On our website you will find all projects in which you can invest.

Before a project is opened up to tender for investment, it is first published on this site for 48 hours. Investments cannot be made during the pre-publication. This gives you the time to go through the project and consider the investment options.

After 48 hours, the project will open for investment and you can pledge an investment if you wish.


You can commit investments during the registration period of projects. You do not have to transfer the funds yet.

Only when a project has been completed (sufficient commitments have been made) do we proceed to invoicing to collect the funds in the deposit. This is done as follows:

The project is fully written. We ask all new investors to send us their signed investment agreements.

Have all investment agreements been received by Factory Wallet Service BV? Then we draw up a contract for the borrower / recipient, which he or she returns signed.

If the contract is signed by the borrower / recipient, we contact the investors that the signed contracts have been received by us and ask to transfer the committed investment amounts. The investments are collected and transferred in one go to the borrower / recipient or Notary in, for example, a real estate investment.


When we have received all investment amounts, we transfer the total amount to the borrower / recipient in one go. From then on the term of the investment starts and you will receive the interest on the investment paid monthly according to the agreed conditions, this rate is fixed and guaranteed, where returns of 8% - 12% are quite normal. The specifications sent by us allow you to track the status of your payment schedule and the performance of your portfolio.


You can spread your investments over a number of projects, it is also advisable to spread them over different risk classifications, branches, maturities and / or guarantees offered per project.

Factory Wallet Service BV only offers investment projects in which they themselves have a leading role or are partners, in order to always be able to offer the fixed guaranteed return. The risk is then already covered and it is a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Investing through Factory Wallet Service BV is easy, fast and comfortable. Make a steady return on your assets through our largest and most experienced global network.

Factory Wallet Service BV is active worldwide with projects or with investors.

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