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The FACTORY WALLET SERVICE BV team works together with a group of serious and respectable investors. This group is prepared to invest in interesting projects, through a monetary loan, credit, sale & lease-back constructions, investment, etc.

In addition, Factory Wallet Service BV manages a monetary deposit intended for the provision of loans or investments for both private individuals and the self-employed.


Via Factory Wallet Service BV it is possible to apply for a loan, for example for the extension that you have always wanted, that new car, but also especially to clear arrears in payments and to create "peace of mind" again.

The loans from Factory Wallet Service BV are offered in different packages, with a minimum amount of € 2,500 and a minimum term of 1 year. Some examples are a package with interest and repayment, interest-only, hire purchase, sale and lease-back, etc.

We can draw up a tailor-made plan / quotation for every request, with the market values ​​and interest, whether or not drawn up by a Notary.


Factory Wallet Service BV offers entrepreneurs, in whatever form of business, a solution when it comes to financing, loans, credits, etc.

Together with the group of investors affiliated with Factory Wallet Service BV, we mediate in the financing needs of entrepreneurs. Sole traders and freelancers have also come to the right place at Factory Wallet Service BV.

The loans brokered by Factory Wallet Service BV are in line with the current interest rates, clear agreements and various packages for interest and repayment.

Factory Wallet Service BV also mediates in sale & lease-back constructions for private real estate and business premises.

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