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Outsourcing outgoing invoices?

Not in the mood for administration at the end of a busy working week?

Or do you lose too much time on your debtors administration and its follow-up if your customers do not pay on time or not pay correctly?

It often takes time and energy that you might prefer to use for other important things, such as attracting new customers.

We are happy to take on this care by taking over the outgoing invoicing from you.

Factory Wallet Service BV arose from the fact that its sister companies had the same problem. Continuously busy with the debtors and a lot of administrative actions. By founding Factory Wallet Service BV this problem has been solved and Factory Wallet Service BV takes care of the invoices and the handling thereof. Within our own concern, Factory Wallet Service BV arranges all incoming and outgoing payments, which are then settled internally via a Current Account.

If desired, we can prepare the invoice daily, weekly or monthly. The invoices are sent by us in a .pdf file.

We send the invoice directly to your debtor by e-mail. It is important, however, to provide us with the hours overviews, work orders or other information on time and signed. If desired, we can also send this information with the invoice to your debtor.

We keep the invoices digitally and as a hard copy (paper version). We always send you a BCC when we email the invoice to your debtor, so that you always have a copy in your possession.

In addition, other administrative activities by Factory Wallet Service BV are possible in consultation. For example, keeping the invoices in a complete monthly and / or annual overview, digitally processed in Excel, Exact or other accounting package and / or paper version, debtor management and VAT return.

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